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Be Safe, Hire a Professional to Install Your Gas Line

Posted by 7:27 pm in Critical Safety Tips, Homeowner Tips, Natural Gas, Propane Gas

On Sunday evening June 8, 2013, the quiet suburb of Beloit, Wisconsin was startled when the home at 2041 Meridith Drive exploded into a pile of rubble in seconds. Neighbors said it sounded like fireworks had gone off only to go outside and see the house across the street had collapsed. Several neighbors wanted to go look for survivors but feared further explosions. Tara & Todd Purdy were both rushed to the local hospital suffering from severe burns. Tara Purdy suffered minor burns and Todd Purdy was left in critical condition at...

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What is the best BBQ fuel for you?

Posted by 12:19 pm in Homeowner Tips, Natural Gas, Propane Gas

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state like Arizona, where cook out weather lasts almost all year long, a barbecue is a long term family investment. You’ll want something reliable, that isn’t an eyesore on your backyard, and most importantly a grill that evenly and efficiently cooks your food. If you’re in the market for a new grill there are 4 basic varieties to consider: charcoal, electric, propane, and natural gas. While the grills themselves are less expensive, charcoal can be a pricey and messy form of fuel....

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RP Gas provides APS with Propane Power

Posted by 7:00 am in Business Benefits, Company News, Propane Gas

Arizona’s leading electric company, Arizona Public Service (APS), is utilizing Propane for a stable backup power source.  RP Gas was called to provide the installation of high capacity propane systems at 7 APS substations throughout Arizona. These substations are the electrical hubs that transform and distribute power to homes and businesses across our communities. The project included of the installation of high capacity propane systems. The systems included above ground, high capacity propane tanks and polyethylene (PE) piping that will...

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Fueling the Future; R P Gas helps Luke AFB prepare for F-35 fighter jets

Posted by 3:24 pm in Business Benefits, Company News, Natural Gas

The new F-35 fighter jets are flying to The Valley, and R P Gas is pleased to be part of the welcoming party. The F-35 Lightening II, which comes in three variants, will be the future of the U.S. tactical air support for decades. Glendale’s own Luke Air Force Base will be transformed into a training facility for these new jets, and R P Gas is excited to be assisting in their transformation. Luke Air Force Base made the announcement of the new addition on their campaign website last month: “Luke AFB will now have more F-35A’s assigned to its...

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Top 5 Fire Features to Brighten Up Your Yard

Posted by 2:07 pm in Homeowner Tips, Natural Gas, Propane Gas

Natural gas fire features are a great way to brighten up your backyard with light and decor. Here are the top 5 natural gas fire features to consider when designing your back yard: 5. Fire pit: The center of attention that blends the ruggedness of camping with the elegance of comfort. Since man first learned to make fire, it’s served as a symbol of warmth and comfort that people feel indescribably drawn to. Something about those contained flames causes people to gather together, making an outdoor gas fire pit a great option for...

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RP Gas Piping Handles All Types of Gas Pipe Installation in Arizona

Posted by 8:56 am in Company News

RP Gas Piping’s years of experience have helped them become one of the premier gas pipe line contractors in Phoenix and all of Arizona. For the gas piping needs of homes, businesses, and public spaces, RP Gas Piping has completed all types of gas pipe installation throughout the AZ. Natural Gas and Natural Gas PVC Sleeving Natural gas as a fuel supply is one of the most sought-after features in the sale or construction of homes and businesses. Whether you are building new, adding to or remodeling an existing structure, or planning to add...

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Natural Gas PVC Sleeving for Natural Gas Line Addition

Posted by 9:04 am in Natural Gas

Running a natural gas pipeline to a new or existing home or business is a smart upgrade to any property; natural gas is a clean, efficient, cost-effective fuel source with many benefits. Gaining in popularity in Arizona, a method of gas line installation known as “natural gas PVC sleeving” aids in adding natural gas now or as preparation for installation in the future. Natural Gas PVC Sleeving Process In Phoenix and the surrounding areas of AZ, Southwest Gas is the primary natural gas utility company. As a licensed gas line contractor, R P...

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The Difference between Gas Pipe Plumbing and Traditional Plumbing

Posted by 1:18 pm in Homeowner Tips

Gas pipe installation is often referred to as gas pipe plumbing and, in fact, some traditional plumbers are licensed to run gas pipe. But many traditional plumbers in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas are not specifically licensed to perform gas pipeline work, and it might be necessary for you to have a fully licensed gas piping contractor. Before you select a plumber or contractor to complete your gas pipe project, you should check the with the local permit authority to determine the requirements and with the local contractor licensing...

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Gas Line Installation as Phoenix Economy Rebounds

Posted by 4:57 pm in Homeowner Tips

The economy in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas is slowing beginning to rebound, and activity is picking up in construction of new homes and businesses as well as expansion of existing neighborhoods and business complexes. This is great news for those that need gas line piping, gas plumbing, and gas appliances. Reputable gas line companies are ready to work on your new gas piping project with safety and compliance as the #1 priorities. When choosing a gas line contractor, it is important to consider the gas company’s longevity in...

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Before Construction Begins, Locate Arizona Gas Line Piping

Posted by 10:22 am in Critical Safety Tips

Locating gas lines used for natural gas or propane gas before you begin construction is not just the law in Phoenix and the surrounding areas of Arizona; it is also a smart and cost-effect move. Any time that there is construction on a property or structure that has natural gas lines or propane storage tanks, it is critically important to locate the gas line plumbing before any work gets underway. This is true even when the construction is not a new project, but is an upgrade or addition. Knowing where the gas pipelines run is crucial...

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