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Outdoor Living Areas are More Appealing with Fire Features

Natural gas fire places, fire pits, fire woks, fire features and beautiful fire glass can be found in the public common areas of businesses such as pedestrian malls and sporting venues. By adding comfortable seating around a natural gas fireplace or gas fire pit, they create a welcoming spot to gather, linger, and enjoy each other’s company. In spaces where landscaping is already a focal point, astonishing fire glass can be added to enhance an existing fireplace or fire pit.

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The Advantages of Cooking with Natural Gas

Professional chefs prefer cooking on gas flame, and the reasons are simple: even heat, infinitely variable temperature control, and instant on/off capability. An experienced Arizona gas piping company can work with you to determine the best options on your property for supplying gas to appliances.

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Natural Gas is Important to Our Future

America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) has created a website packed with facts about natural gas – and what you can do to make a difference. Many great things are possible when people work together.

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Gas Line Installation Recommendations for DIY

Before you complete your own gas line installation in Phoenix, Arizona, be sure to consider that you must have a permit, that you may invalidate your appliance warrantee, and that you may invalidate your homeowner’s insurance.

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Three Reasons to Convert from Electricity to Natural Gas

Natural gas is available in many communities, yet some construction has not taken full advantage of this clean, efficient, cost-effective fuel source. Some businesses and homes were designed with electric heating equipment and appliances even when natural gas was available. If your property or business has natural gas available to the site you can still have the piping installed and receive the environmental benefits and lower utility bills. If natural gas is not an option at your home or place of business, then a propane tank and piping system can be installed.

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Using a Licensed Gas Line Contractor is the ONLY Safe and Logical Choice

RP GAS PIPING cannot overstate the importance of hiring the proper contractor that is licensed and qualified for gas line and propane tank installation and of verifying a contractor or landscaper’s claim of qualification.

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Propane is Energy Efficient and “Green”

Propane gas is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home or business and to operate appliances. The environmental advantages alone make this an especially good fuel choice, but when combined with cost savings the choice of propane gas is almost unbeatable. The energy industry considers propane piping system and propane storage tanks to be one of the most dependable and safe supply methods, and delivery arrangements from a local gas company are convenient.

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