The Advantages of Using Natural Gas

Natural Gas BurnerInstalling natural gas pipes for your home’s energy needs is a smart, safe, economical, and environmentally friendly choice. In addition to being convenient and affordable, natural gas is also a  “green” fuel that helps reduce the ecological damages caused by other fuels such as electricity or wood.


1. Natural Gas is Inexpensive (in the U.S.)

Natural gas use is more economical than other fuels. If you are installing a new appliance or recreation-related system, you can choose natural gas during the initial design phase. If you are restoring, remodeling, or refurbishing, the cost of converting to natural gas will likely pay for itself in a fairly quick amount of time.

All of us are looking to save a little money, and one of the most attractive advantages of natural gas is that is an inexpensive power source. Although the initial installation of gas piping is an investment, using natural gas can be very lucrative in the years to come. Homeowners who use natural gas enjoy significant savings on electric bills and increased property values.

2. Natural Gas is Better for the Environment

Clear day in Phoenix AZNatural gas burns cleaner than electricity and other fuel sources such as coal and oil:

  • Carbon dioxide (emissions are reduced)
  • Sulfur dioxide (emissions are reduced)
  • Nitrogen oxides (emissions are reduced)
  • Mercury (emissions are eliminated)

This all adds up to cleaner, less toxic air, and a safer food supply.  Natural gas also is a viable choice to use in combination with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Installing Natural Gas in Phoenix AZ

3. Natural Gas is Safe and Efficient

Natural gas used in a home or commercial environment is considered both safe and efficient. In fact, when installed, natural gas pipelines are considered one of the safest forms of energy transportation in the United States. Services from local natural gas companies or utility companies are convenient and natural gas supply is consistently available.

If you’re looking to convert to natural gas but are concerned about safety, contact us today and we can discuss any concerns you may have.

4. Natural Gas is Plentiful and Versatile

Natural Gas Benefits for Residential BackyardsMost of the natural gas consumed in the US is produced domestically, and it is a plentiful resource. Currently, there is enough natural gas to fuel domestic needs for the next 75 years and new sources are being acquired every year. The fact that it’s abundant and easily stored, means that it’s readily accessible, even during times that it’s not being produced. This means that prices are not as vulnerable to supply and demand shifts. Supply will remain constant through adverse weather conditions, or other influences which negatively affect other fuel sources.

Natural gas can be used in almost any setting, including:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Transportation

Natural Gas Uses

Commercial Dryer Running off of Natural GasHeating units and water heaters are two of the largest energy consumers in a household. Choosing natural gas for these appliances saves money and lowers the environmental impact. Natural gas is more accurate and keeps air temperatures just right.

When these advantages are combined with other natural gas applications – such as kitchen ranges, clothes dryers, indoor or outdoor grills, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and pool and spa heaters – the savings are significant and the global benefits are amazing.

Existing appliances that currently operate using other fuels can often be easily replaced with natural gas use appliances. Natural gas can also be used for a standby generator or other alternative power source.

R P Gas Piping can provide information on the best way to convert from electricity, as well as information on the tax credits that are available for converting wood burning fireplaces to natural gas.

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Convert your Wood Burning Fireplace to Natural Gas in Phoenix!

A new program, known as MCFRP, is designed to reduce air pollution that is created from wood burning fireplaces and provides residents with cleaner air to breathe. Options are offered by the program: Option number one will retro fit a wood burning fireplace with an air pollution reduction device, at no charge to the homeowner; or Option number two will provide a voucher for up to $2,000 to contribute to the cost of the installation of a natural gas log set and plumbing, if a home is already has natural gas.

Specific boundaries have been chosen by The Maricopa County Air Quality Program for the pilot Fireplace Retrofit Program. You would be eligible to participate in the program if your home falls within the area where PM2.5 concentrations are at their highest levels. Check your eligibility below for this Program.

Fireplace Retrofit Program

Natural Gas Barbeque

Discover the Power of Natural Gas!

If you are considering making the switch from conventional power to natural gas, contact us today for a consultation and safety evaluation. We’re happy to help Arizona residents with all their natural gas needs!

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