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Natural Gas Master Meter Services

RP Gas is an Arizona statewide natural gas pipeline contractor with a crew of professional staff, highly qualified, and trained certified Natural Gas Technicians at your service. Reliability, Safety and ACC pipeline compliance is a specialty of RP Gas Piping on all your master meter commercial sites in Arizona. We focus on delivering efficient installations and compliant repairs to all gas system needs. As well as a leading expert in repairs and maintenance of your current master gas meters; we also specialize in the conversions of a master meter to individual metering on your property in Arizona to eliminate the Arizona Corporation Commission from governing your gas system. This will be a push from the Arizona Corporation Commission in the years to come to get your master meter converted to individual gas meters in Arizona.

Natural Gas Master Meters
Arizona Master Meter Contractor

Arizona Master Meter Contractor

If you own or manage a multi-unit complex, Resort, RV Park, private or corporation business with a master meter, consider converting your current master meter gas system to individual gas metering. Individual gas meters allow you to NOT have the maintenance requirements, documentation requirements, and the liability of an Arizona Corporation Commission governed gas system. RP Gas has the Engineers to design the new gas system with individual meters with the certified natural gas technicians and the installation construction crews to decrease your gas system downtime during this conversion Process.

Advantages of Individual Gas Meters for buildings

  • Eliminated the Arizona Corporation Commission from Governing your gas pipeline system
  • Operating costs tend to be lower with a new gas system and individual gas meters
  • Less office clerical documentation requirements for your gas system
  • Maximizes margins on rental return rates with fewer repairs and attention need for your gas system.
  • Decreases possibility of future leaks and liability
  • Eliminate the shut down time of the gas system without ACC required pressure test in the event of maintenance and repairs
  • Safe and peace of mind with a lower maintenance gas system

Master meter gas system operators are meters that supply 2 or MORE buildings that need to comply with ACC regulations by having surveying’s conducted at your property to be in compliance and have the proper documentation to support its findings on site at all times. RP Gas offers annual inspections AND quarterly inspections with 24/7 availability for your emergency repair situations. With our famous “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME” and our “PAY FOR IT ONCE” mentality, RP Gas Piping creates value for our customers and business partners. Reach out to us if you would like more information on converting your current master meter gas system to individual gas meters in Arizona or if you would like to schedule your Arizona Corporation Commission Pipeline inspection today. RP Gas is at your service today.

Individual Gas Meter Advantages
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