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Gas Line Services

RP Gas Piping installs natural gas systems for all exterior appliances. This can be as simple as using natural gas to run your bbq to designing and installing a system that will supply multiple appliances such as pool heaters, spa heaters, fire pits, fire woks, custom fire features, and barbecues.

Our team of management and field personnel is experienced at problem solving. We work together with each other and customers to solve challenging situations. We are competent, capable and professional.

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It is important that you choose a natural gas contractor in Arizona that understands the specialized natural gas piping trade. Please view our short video that will educate you on what we do.

Gas Line Installation

Gas Line Installation

RP Gas Piping installs all types of natural gas line systems. Natural gas is available in most communities in Phoenix, Arizona. Gas line installations can consist of a one line system running to a bbq or fire pit to a multiple line system running numerous appliances in the interior and exterior of a property. All gas lines that RP Gas installs will be done to code, with the proper materials and done right the first time.

Propane Tank Installation

Propane Tank Installation

RP Gas Piping installs all types of propane systems. Different sizes and styles of propane tanks are provided depending on our customers’ needs. The tanks we install range from (2) 23 gallon tanks that supply small outdoor needs to a 1000 gallon tank that supplies all propane needs on your property including your house.

Propane Tank Options

Gas Pipe Repair

Gas Pipe Repair

Due to the natural erosion process some propane gas lines and natural gas lines will need to be repaired or replaced over time in Arizona. We recommend that you inspect your gas piping once a year where corrosion might be able to form. Other situation when a gas line might need to be repaired or replace is from an installation error. Installation errors can and will happen if an unqualified and irresponsible gas line contractor is hired. Gas line repair in Phoenix is most commonly needed on the exterior of the property.

This is the case because some Landscape Contractors or unlicensed contractors will attempt to install a gas line with no permit and not knowing the proper materials or installation process. RP Gas Piping will do all installations and gas line repairs correct the first time. If you are concerned that a gas line may have a leak or potential for a gas leak, please contact RP Gas or your gas provider immediately. RP Gas Piping is a great candidate for gas line repairs in Arizona.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas Line Locating and Leak Detection

Buried utilities lines can existing anywhere you can dig. Underground private natural gas lines should be located prior to any digging taking place on your job site. Think safety, utilizing a gas line locating company can save lives, save you time and eliminate potential damages. R P gas piping can locate buried natural gas lines in Arizona.

Gas leak detection is another service that R P G provides. If you smell natural gas or think you might have the potential for a natural gas leak contact us today. We are here to provide our customers with a safe, reliable, cost effective solution.

Convert your Wood Burning Fireplace to Natural Gas in Phoenix!

A new program, known as MCFRP, is designed to reduce air pollution that is created from wood burning fireplaces and provides residents with cleaner air to breathe. Options are offered by the program: Option number one will retro fit a wood burning fireplace with an air pollution reduction device, at no charge to the homeowner; or Option number two will provide a voucher for up to $2,000 to contribute to the cost of the installation of a natural gas log set and plumbing, if a home is already has natural gas. Specific boundaries have been chosen by The Maricopa County Air Quality Program for the pilot Fireplace Retrofit Program. You would be eligible to participate in the program if your home falls within the area where PM2.5 concentrations are at their highest levels. Check your eligibility below for this Program.

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