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Natural Gas Coiled Pipe LineTamer Trailer for Rent

For rent 3”-6” Mcelroy Line Tamer with Trailer-Self loading

  • $695.00 per day
  • $2000.00 per week
  • $7250.00 Per month




If you want to get your pipes straight and installed quickly, the coiled pipe LineTamer trailer is the best choice for the job.

The task of installing coiled polyethylene (PE) pipe is much faster and easier than unstacking and organizing sections of straight pipe.

Though the innovation of PE piping offers contractors and builders major cost and time savings, the only drawback is that it can be difficult to re-round the piping as it comes off the roll but before it’s installed into the ground.

McElroy’s LineTamer trailer is designed specifically for this, and will make your next piping installation or relining job easy as pie.

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The McElroy Coiled Pipe LineTamer Trailer Gets the Job Done Up to Four Times Faster

The coiled pipe LineTamer is designed to re-round pipe to ASTM D 2513 requirements for ovality.

The tamer sits in place on the trailer and is designed to push the coil set through a system of rollers powered by hydraulics.

The system is designed specifically to help you save time on professional installs, and in fact, it might help you move up to four times faster than if you were laying out straight sections of pipe.

Try it out and learn first-hand and get your PE, conduit, and duct installed in a jiffy — no fuss, no muss, and only minimal training required.

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Instantly Install All Types of Coiled Pipes, Ducts and Conduits

The McElroy LineTamer trailer will handle any type of pipe with two fusion joints or more, helping to uncoil off the spool and re-round the pipe quickly.

This is perfect for Arizona gas contractors and other professionals working on tight project timelines.

The rounding rollers in different sizes from 2 to 6 inches will help you lay straight direct lines. Ball thrust bearings help the roller adjust, and all are operated via hydraulics.

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Use the Coiled Pipe LineTamer trailer 4 Different Ways

The trailer can be used in a few different ways, depending on what type of install you’re doing. Here are the most common methods.

Direct Burial

For a direct burial, leave the LineTamer trailer still, then connect the pipe to a towing vehicle, allowing equipment to pull the pipe through the stationery LineTamer.

Stringing On Right-of-Way

With this method, place the pulling head at the end of the pipe. Attach it to still construction equipment, and let the trailer and LineTamer be pulled.

This will string out the piping along the right-of-way.

Straightening / Relining

Here, the LineTamer is connected to the coil trailer, then the PE pipe can be pulled through an existing ground pipe, smoothing out the complex task of relining.

Horizontal Drilling

To make horizontal drilling easier, connect the LineTamer to the coil trailer and let a drilling unit pull the pipe through the ground.

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Rent a McElroy Coiled Pipe LineTamer Trailer Today

PE piping is ideal for many uses and is starting to become the norm. If you’re an Arizona contractor looking to speed up this job, our McElroy self-loading LineTamer trailer is ready to rent.

Here at RP Gas Piping, we’re always happy to help with your next natural gas or propane project in Arizona. Our installation services, probate tanks, and systems are always up to code compliance.