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The Advantages to Natural Gas

Natural Gas Barbeque

Using natural gas for your home’s gas needs is a smart, safe, economical, and environmentally friendly choice. In addition to being convenient and affordable, natural gas is considered a “green” fuel that helps reduce the ecological damages caused by the use of other fuels such as electricity or wood.

Natural gas used in the home environment is considered both safe and efficient. In fact, natural gas pipelines are considered one of the safest forms of energy transportation in the US. Service from local natural gas companies or utility companies is convenient and ensures that a gas supply is consistently available.

Natural gas use is more economical than other fuels. If you are installing a new appliance or recreation-related system – choose natural gas during the design phase. If you are restoring, remodeling, or refurbishing, consider that the cost of conversion to natural gas will likely pay for itself and more in a reasonable time.

Natural gas burns cleaner than electricity and other fuels, which means less carbon dioxide, less sulfur dioxide, less nitrogen oxides and no mercury emissions. That all adds up to cleaner less toxic air, a decrease in acid rain, and a safer food supply.

Most of the natural gas that is consumed in the US is produced domestically, and it is a plentiful resource. There is enough natural gas in currently available sources to fuel domestic needs for the next 75 years. And new sources are being acquired every year.

Natural Gas Burner

Natural Gas Uses

Heating units and water heaters are two of the largest energy consumers in a household. Choosing natural gas for these appliances saves money and lowers environmental impact.

When these advantages are combined with other natural gas applications – such as kitchen ranges, clothes dryers, indoor or outdoor grills, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and pool and spa heaters – the savings are significant and the global benefits are amazing.

Existing appliances that currently operate with other fuels can often be easily replaced with natural gas use appliances and will see improved fuel cost and efficiency. R P Gas Piping can provide information to help you decide the best way to convert from electricity, as well as information on the tax credits that are available for converting wood burning fireplaces to natural gas.

Natural Gas Installation

Installation Methods

R P Gas Piping uses a variety of methods for natural gas pipe installation. Our experienced professionals can determine the safest and most cost efficient installation for any project. Whether your needs call for interior or exterior, polyethylene pipe, galvanized pipe, or corrugated stainless steel pipe, our experts will provide a consultation and safety evaluations that fit each unique installation.

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