4 Signs You Might Need A Gas Line Repair or Re-pipe

Gas Line repair

Would you know if a gas line on your property in Arizona needed repair?

A defective gas line is a serious concern that can not only affect your home, property, and appliances, but also the health and safety of those living in it—your family.

Due to the natural erosion process, some natural gas pipes eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Being proactive—testing, maintaining, and repairing your gas piping—is essential for preventing any long-term damage to your valuable assets and livelihood.

Inspecting your gas lines for any sign of wear and tear that needs replacing can be done yourself visually. However, you may require the assistance of a gas line professional in locating gas lines on your property, as well as detecting leaks and inspecting valves. Trained and certified gas pipe plumbers can not only spot problems now, but also determine areas that are likely to become problems in the future.  At RP Gas we recommend inspecting your gas piping once a year where corrosion might be able to form.

Unfortunately, some gas lines need replacing or repairing due to improper installation by DIYer or unqualified plumber and this often isn’t discovered until after a major incident, such as a fire or explosion. Gas is dangerous, and gas pipeline installations require current permits and inspection by municipal authorities to ensure the gas line installation is properly completed and complies with all codes. Even a seemingly simple installation of a gas clothes dryer should be conducted by a licensed professional rather than unlicensed, untrained individuals like landscape contractors, handymen and even homeowners. These faulty installs can cost you a lot of money and even potential for death.

It’s easy to miss some of the key indicators of a potential leak, so make sure to check these four things when inspecting your home:

Note: If you suspect a gas line leak inside your house, get out of the house and call 911. If you can, shut off the gas valves to your home.

  1. Smell, and listen

If you smell rotten eggs—which is called mercaptan and is an odor added to gas to warn of a leak—there’s a high probability that there is already a natural gas leak somewhere in your home. You need a gas line repair immediately.

Prior to smelling the gas, you might also feel nausea or dizziness which is a further indication of a gas line repair needed.

Listen for a hissing or clunking sound near the gas line area—another sign of a potential problem requiring gas line repair.

  1. Check the area around the gas pipelines

Dead or dying vegetation near the gas line area is a clear indication that gas is escaping from somewhere and a gas line repair is required.

  1. Check your appliances

Again, listen for any unusual noises coming from gas appliances as this can indicate they are not working properly and is a further sign of a gas line repair required.

  1. Check your bills

Most people don’t think of this, however, an unexplained increase in your gas bill can be an indication of a slow leak somewhere in your house or on your property may not be picked up during your other gas line inspections. But you can be sure you’re paying for that leaking gas!

Repairing a Gas Line

There are several ways you can proactively check for gas leaks around your house and on your property. However, when it comes to repairing a gas line, we recommend against DIY gas line repair, and instead, engage the services of a professional.

In Arizona, you must have a permit for any gas line work and allow the work to be inspected, so verify with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (AROC) that your gas line contractor is licensed and qualified for gas line installation, repair and maintenance.

DIY installation may invalidate your homeowner’s insurance or appliance insurance, yet some home owners still skimp on natural gas pipe inspections and maintenance. This can lead to excessive damage in the future, which could in turn impact the value of your home when you come to sell it. The cost of maintenance now can be dwarfed by the cost of repairs later.

RP Gas Piping is one of Arizona’s most qualified and efficient natural gas line contractors with a natural gas emergency response team that is ready to respond quickly and effectively when you need service safely restored.


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