Gas Line Installation Recommendations for DIY

There are plenty of handy Do-It-Yourselfers that look forward to the challenges of home projects.  There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with completing needed upgrades and repairs in your own home.  However, few of these projects are as genuinely fraught with danger as installing or repairing gas pipelines or appliances.  The task should not be undertaken without thorough preparation.  Before you complete your own gas line installation in Phoenix, Arizona, be sure to consider the following recommendations.

In Arizona, you must have a permit for any gas line work and allow the work to be inspected.  You should obtain a permit from the local board or authority.  The office or representative will explain the necessary procedures, including the length of time the permit covers, the inspections that are necessary, and the “Green Sticker” requirement for a legally compliant installation.

DIY installation may invalidate your appliance warrantee.  Most manufacturers will not warrant an appliance unless it was installed by a licensed contractor in good standing with the local regulatory board.  The reason for this is simple.  The expectation is that an appliance will have a longer life without need of repair or replacement if all necessary details were professionally reviewed, such as proper gas line pressure, thorough check for joint leaks, and adequate ventilation.  The manufacturer’s assumption is that a do-it-yourselfer may not be familiar with the needed standards.

DIY installation may invalidate your home owner’s insurance.  This standard can vary by insurance carrier and by state, and many homeowners are unaware of the possibility.  But it is certainly a serious concern and worth the phone call to your agent or insurance company.  In the event of an accident – even if not related to the DIY installation – it would be devastating to discover that your insurance would not pay for repairs.  Protecting your family and your property is a priority for you, and this important consideration should not be overlooked.

DIY gas line installation can be a daunting task.  If it is your first plumbing or piping project, you should give appropriate thought to the advisability of your choice as well as to the safety measures needed.  Even if you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, be sure to act on these recommendations before you begin the project.  For the safest possible outcome, contact a licensed and qualified gas piping contractor.