Call Professionals for Installing Natural Gas Propane Lines

Stop! Here are 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Natural Gas and Propane Lines

Thinking of installing natural gas propane lines as a DIY project?

Or perhaps you are debating as to whether it’s worth it to hire a professional gas plumber to take care of your gas line installation?

Plumbers are skilled and certified tradespeople who are experts in their chosen area.

Those who work with natural gas are licensed professionals. They are trained in working with dangerous materials and have the knowledge required for all things to do with gas piping, which is different from regular piping.

Here are five big reasons you should leave anything to do with natural gas up to the experts.

1. Safety

While using natural gas on your property comes with plenty of advantages, it also comes with hidden dangers.

Gas plumbers have expertise in handling this possibly deadly material. That’s why having people who understand safety procedures as well as state and federal regulations is essential.

Whether you’re installing natural gas propane lines or have some other exciting projects in mind, bear in mind that a natural gas plumber will understand the exact steps needed to safely manage all types of gas issues on your property, including:

Suppose you hire an expert for installation and maintenance. In that case, they can educate you on the proper safety and handling of your gas line while they’re on your property so that you can understand what the right thing to do is in case you do detect a gas leak or other problem.

Always have the number of an Emergency Response Natural Gas Team on hand to ensure that you can get fast emergency service should there be a safety problem.

2. Permitting, Restrictions and Regulations

Local and state regulations are put in place for a reason: natural gas is a dangerous material and needs to be handled with utmost care.

That’s why some areas require permits for the installation of gas lines on private property.

If you are working on DIY projects or working plumbers who aren’t licensed contractors, you risk fines and delays and the safety of your property.

Often, regular inspections are required, depending on what type of gas line installation you are getting.

Check with your general contractor, municipality, and/or homeowner’s association to learn about permitting and restrictions to install natural gas propane lines before moving forward with any project.

If you don’t require a permit for your project, consider hiring a licensed natural gas contractor anyway, as they will know the local rules and regulations thoroughly.

3. Natural Gas Plumbers Understand All Aspects of Plumbing

Homeowners should always contact licensed, professional contractors specializing in specific areas, and natural gas plumbers are no exception.

Installing natural gas propane lines or getting anything else done with your natural gas fixtures can be not only dangerous but also challenging. It may “look” easy to do a DIY project, but there are likely more steps.

You may need extra parts, materials, tools, and equipment to ensure the install is done 100% safely and up to code.

A gas plumbing expert will be on task to conduct the proper follow-up inspections and maintenance so that you don’t need to worry about that.

All gas lines that RP Gas installs will be done to code, with the proper materials, and done right the first time.

4. Installing Natural Gas Propane Lines may Require Special Equipment

It is possible to do a DIY install of your gas propane lines and appliances. However, many mistakes can be made, including:

  • Incorrect fitting or alignment of pipes
  • Incorrect placement of pipes
  • Lacking the proper tools
  • Lacking the right equipment
  • Lacking the right supplies
  • Lacking overall knowledge
  • Lacking the expertise for testing and maintenance

If you make a mistake, it’s costly to get fixed, and that’s if it doesn’t lead to a serious safety issue or, worse, an explosion.

Save time, money, and peace of mind by installing your propane line or gas appliance right the first time.

5. Licensed Gas Pipe Contractors Can Help You Improve Your Home

Whether you are installing natural gas propane lines or working on a different type of project, the best idea is to have trusted professionals on your side to help.

A licensed natural gas plumber should be able to handle multiple projects in a short period, so you can get it all done safely and efficiently.

A professional gas plumber can take care of several services and even help you with additions to your home, improving property value and your overall comfort and enjoyment.

Some examples include:

  • A one-line system running to a BBQ or fire pit to a multiple line system running numerous appliances in the interior and exterior of a property
  • Adding an indoor or outdoor gas appliance to your property
  • Switching from electricity to natural gas to use a gas fireplace or stove
  • Helping you redesign your house to use natural gas for heating
  • Having a standby generator in case of emergencies
  • Installing multiple appliances in a single visit

Be sure to consult with a natural gas plumber before you decide on which appliances you will install. They will guide you and make sure your home is properly equipped to handle these items per specific requirements.

Contact Your Trusted Gas Piping Experts for Help

No matter what you need help with, an expert gas plumber is there to care for all of your natural gas needs. They’ll make sure your property is safe at all times and guide you towards the right steps on how to take care of your gas appliances and more.

If you’re in the Phoenix area, we’re here to help you stay safe and enjoy all the benefits of having natural gas on your property.

Contact us today with your questions about natural gas installations and more—we’re always happy to help!

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