What The AZCC Master Gas Meter Policy Means For You

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There are new policies concerning natural gas master meter systems that may affect you in Arizona.

In November 2018 the Arizona Corporation Commission voted to approve and adopt a new policy regarding natural and propane gas master meter systems throughout the state. The policy requires that all master meter systems upgrade their pipes to bring them into compliance with state and federal laws.

Existing master meter systems must either remain or come fully into compliance with state and federal regulations, or be converted to a traditional gas system, at the property owners expense.

  • If the operator decides to bring their system into compliance, there is a five-year grace period during which they may not be fined for noncompliance, however, the ACC retains its authority to shut down systems that pose an immediate threat to public safety, so it’s in everyone’s best interests if older systems are brought into compliance sooner rather than later. After the year 2023, the consequences of non-compliance could include fines or court action, according to ACC.
  • If existing systems cannot be brought into compliance, they must be converted to a traditional gas system operated by a regulated public service corporation. Many master meter systems are nearing the end of their lives, and so converting to a traditional gas system is a more viable option that will ensure potential health and safety risks are mitigated.

Below is a visual representation of what a traditional gas system would look like, compared to a master meter system, provided by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Gas Master Meter Problems Arizona


Gas Master Meter Solutions Arizona


There are many benefits to individual meters for property owners, with the largest being that they are no longer considered gas providers, and therefore the ACC no longer governs the gas pipeline system. These individual systems are also more cost effective, have less documentation requirements, and require fewer repairs and maintenance. If any leaks do occur, they only impact the property connected to that meter, not several buildings or units, and this can eliminate the risk of liability. To summarize, individual gas meters are safer, cheaper and lower maintenance.

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