5 key benefits of natural gas for homeowners

5 Key Benefits of Natural Gas for Homeowners

Are you familiar with the many benefits of natural gas?

As an affordable and abundant way to power our homes and businesses, natural gas is a viable solution to our heating and energy needs. Here are a few reasons why every homeowner should consider making the switch.

1. Natural Gas is Used Widely for Industrial and Residential Purposes

It also does a lot for the US economy.

One of the benefits of natural gas is that it can be used widely for heat and electricity. Here’s the breakdown of usage for different sectors in 2019, according to the EIA:

  • 36% of us Natural gas composition was used by electric power sector 2019
  • Industrial and commercial uses combined heat and power systems
  • Industrial sector uses it as a raw material for fertilizer production
  • Industrial — about 33% of US natural gas consumption
  • Residential – about 16% of natural gas consumption
  • Commercial about 11% of total consumption
  • Transportation sector – gas – about 3% of total consumption

2. Natural Gas is Affordable and Reliable

One of the key benefits of natural gas is that there’s a lot of it. In fact it is estimated that we have enough to power the US through the next century.

The fact that it’s abundant and easily stored means that it’s readily accessible, even during times that it’s not being produced. This means that prices are not as vulnerable to supply and demand shifts, where high demand equals a higher price, and visa versa. It also means that supply can remain constant through adverse weather conditions or other influences which may otherwise negatively affect it.

Poducti is consistent, reliable, efficient and flexible — it can keep our lights on when other sources are not available.

Natural gas is generally affordable in the US because it is widely produced in North America. Generally it is far less expensive to produce than coal. And it’s much more efficient.

It can help homeowners save money on energy bills, and is an affordable option for industry as well.

3. Natural Gas is a Cleaner Alternative

Natural gas is a cleaner choice for a variety of reasons — here are just a few of the many benefits of natural gas when it comes to the environment:

  • There is such a thing as renewable natural gas and its use is becoming more commonplace
  • Natural gas burns cleaner than coal or petroleum
  • The use of natural gas in combination with other sources offers more diversity and reliability

4. Natural Gas Can Improve Your Home Environment

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration about half of US homes used natural gas in 2019. And today it’s becoming a more important part of our lifestyle for all home uses as consumers realize that it is safe and affordable.

Here are a few benefits of natural gas in the home:

  • You can use natural gas in any room in your home or outdoors
  • Gas fireplaces are efficient and powerful
  • Gas stoves allow you to cook with greater precision
  • Keep temperatures even with a programmable thermostat
  • Use it outdoors for barbecues, pools and more
  • Use it in a standby generator in case of emergencies

Homeowners who are thinking of switching to natural gas should consider that this is an extremely efficient and convenient alternative to standard electricity.

5. Natural Gas is Safe

The storage, transportation and distribution of natural gas from its original source is tightly regulated for safety. Gas companies add mercaptan — the ‘rotten egg” smell — so that leaks are easily detected.

There’s a common fear that natural gas is not safe to use in the home because of the risk of leaks and explosions.

Natural gas is made up of methane which when burned properly produces CO2 and water. It is only when methane accumulates in high concentrations that there is a risk of danger.

Gas leaks are easy to detect and repair, and explosions are extremely rare.

As long as your gas is installed and maintained, natural gas is simple and safe to use in your home.

Discover the Benefits of Natural Gas

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