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5 Safety Tips for Natural Gas Fireplaces

on Jan 6, 2023

When we’re experiencing the colder months of the year, the cozy warmth of a natural gas fireplace is a lovely way to keep your home both warm and inviting. However, while they offer convenience and comfort, it’s important to remember you must take safety precautions when using any appliance. Safety Tips for Natural Gas Fireplaces During Winter In this...

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Is a Standby Generator Worth it?

on Dec 7, 2022

If you’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to invest in a standby generator, we’re here to help. Today, we’ll share five big reasons you’ll want to consider a standby generator, as well as a few things to think about before you make your decision. Is a Standby Generator Worth It? A standby generator can be a great addition to any...

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How Often Should My Cathodic Protection System Be Checked?

on Nov 13, 2022

Have you ever heard the term cathodic protection system? If you’re like many people, you probably don’t think about it very often – if at all. But the truth is, cathodic protection systems require regular maintenance and monitoring to function properly. After all, cathodic protection or CP is the most popular way to protect your underground propane tank...

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Natural Gas Upgrades to Increase Your Home Value

on Oct 14, 2022

Phoenix homeowners are always on the hunt for upgrades that will not only make their homes more comfortable, but could also improve their home’s value. Today, we’re sharing some natural gas upgrades that will do just that, including dryers, ranges, water heaters, and fireplaces.   How Natural Gas Upgrades Increase Your Home Value First, let’s...

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What Natural Gas Inspections Should You Have Done Before Fall

on Sep 7, 2022

Fall is right around the corner, which means cooler weather and the start of the heating season. Before you fire up your furnace, it’s critical to schedule natural gas inspection services to ensure everything is in working order and there are no potential hazards. Book These Natural Gas Inspection Services Today Here are some natural gas inspection services...

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What to Do During a Natural Gas Emergency

on Aug 4, 2022

A natural gas emergency is not something to take lightly. If you smell gas, hear a blowing or hissing noise, see damaged natural gas piping, or have any other reason to believe there is a natural gas leak, evacuate the area immediately and call your natural gas provider or 911. Today, we’ll talk more about what to do (and not to do) during a natural gas...

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Does a Standby Generator Charge Itself?

on Jul 7, 2022

Does a standby generator charge itself? It’s an important question to ask, and we’re glad you’re here to find the answer! In this post, we’ll not only answer this question, but we’ll share other helpful information about using a standby generator you won’t want to miss. As you know, a standby generator is a backup power source...

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Where Can You Get a Propane Tank Refill in Phoenix, Arizona?

on Jun 2, 2022

Do you know where to get a propane tank refill in Phoenix, Arizona? If you’re looking for a place to refill your propane tank, RP Gas Piping is here to help. We provide natural gas piping, inspections, installations, and propane tank refills for our customers in Phoenix, Arizona. We pride ourselves on our reputation for safety and commit ourselves to helping all of...

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What to Do if You Have a Propane Tank Leak

on May 19, 2022

If you think you have a propane tank leak, it is critical to quickly take the proper steps to prevent damage, injury, or even death. When a propane tank leak occurs, even the slightest ignition can cause an explosion. If exposed to propane in high concentrations, it can be difficult or impossible to breathe. If you believe you have a propane leak, leave the area and...

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Gas Pipe Sizing and Maintenance Requirements for Your Swimming Pool Heater

on Apr 7, 2022

If you are installing a swimming pool heater gas line on your property, there are specific things to keep in mind with regards to proper sizing.  Our gas line services include installing natural gas systems for all exterior appliances, including pool heaters, spa heaters, fire pits, fire woks, custom fire features, and barbecues. We’re here to help you with all your...

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Comparing 4 Different Types of Gas Piping

on Mar 3, 2022

Did you know that there are different types of gas piping? For safe and effective gas piping installation, the right materials must be used, otherwise, you could be putting yourself and your property at risk of gas leaks. Here’s an overview of the different types of gas piping and some pros and cons of each. The use of certain kinds of materials may be prohibited by...

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Key Benefits of Running Individual Gas Meters in a Multi-Unit Complex

on Feb 3, 2022

If you’re running any type of multi-unit complexes like an apartment, RV park, or business, there are plenty of benefits to converting your current master meter gas system to individual gas metering. If you are in the Phoenix area and currently have a master meter on a multi-unit property, we can help you with inspections, maintenance, repairs and emergency...

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Why You Should Call a Natural Gas Company If You Suspect a Gas Leak

on Jan 6, 2022

Do you think you need a gas leak repair? If so, it’s essential that you follow important safety tips and call a gas company right away. If you are in the Phoenix area, we would be glad to help you with all types of gas line services, including gas leak repair, gas pipe repairs, propane tank installations, and more. Here is some more information about what to do if...

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The Importance Of Annual Gas Line Inspections

on Dec 2, 2021

Do you know why you need gas line inspections and how often they should be done? Natural gas is an efficient and generally safe choice for powering your home or business — the chances are that if you have gas power, you’ve already been reaping the benefits. But getting an annual natural gas line inspection done by a professional is essential if you want to ensure...

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Why You Should be Maintaining or Replacing Your Anode Bag

on Nov 4, 2021

Do you have an anode bag for your underground propane tank? The installation of an underground propane tank relies on a special process because these tanks can corrode, leading to potentially disastrous gas leaks. AZ property owners need to be aware that these types of tanks require regular testing. We recommend that you hire trusted natural gas professionals to...

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Why Cathodic Protection for Underground Propane Tanks is Necessary

on Sep 10, 2021

Do you have cathodic protection for your underground propane tank? Underground propane tanks are designed to be buried completely in the ground, making them attractive options for property owners. However, they are also prone to corrosion when exposed to soil, leading to potentially disastrous gas leaks. Cathodic protection protects your underground propane tank...

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What are the Advantages of Natural Gas?

on Aug 5, 2021

Have you ever been curious about the advantages of natural gas? Are you thinking of making the switch from conventional power, but you’re not sure if it will be worthwhile? Here, we’ll discuss all the benefits of natural gas in the hope it helps you to understand and appreciate all that natural gas has to offer. Natural Gas is Inexpensive (in the U.S.) All of us are...

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Why is Natural Gas Priced Differently Around the World?

on Jul 2, 2021

Natural gas prices fluctuate from year to year and can vary widely around the globe. Most consumers understand that, just like any other natural resource, natural gas is subject to the laws of supply and demand. But beyond this, there are regional factors that cause even more variation in natural gas prices around the world. Factors Affecting Natural Gas Prices...

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What are the Hidden Dangers of Gas Lines?

on Jun 3, 2021

You’ve probably heard about horrific instances of gas line fires and explosions which make the news. Even though these fires can be disastrous, fortunately, they are uncommon. Still, if you are in a home or business powered by natural gas, there are some precautions you can take to protect yourself against possible dangers resulting from gas lines. About Gas Line...

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What Is Gas Piping And How Does It Work In Your Home?

on May 6, 2021

    What is gas piping, and how does it work in your home? A well-installed gas piping system can offer many benefits, and homeowners worldwide enjoy considerable savings on their energy bills when they convert to natural gas. If you’re building a new home or thinking of making the switch, be sure to understand the basics first. Getting Natural Gas Into...

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How to Choose the Right Natural Gas Contractor

on Apr 1, 2021

    How do you find a natural gas contractor you can trust? Contractors with the right licensing, expertise and skills can be few and far between. Here are some things to consider if you are searching for a contractor who will go above and beyond. What to Look for in a Natural Gas Contractor We all want to work with professional, trustworthy people when it...

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5 Key Benefits of Natural Gas for Homeowners

on Mar 4, 2021

Are you familiar with the many benefits of natural gas? As an affordable and abundant way to power our homes and businesses, natural gas is a viable solution to our heating and energy needs. Here are a few reasons why every homeowner should consider making the switch. 1. Natural Gas is Used Widely for Industrial and Residential Purposes It also does a lot for the US...

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Why Have Natural Gas Prices Increased During COVID?

on Feb 4, 2021

There are many reasons why natural gas prices may fluctuate, and in the U.S. there is a specific set of circumstances that led to a recent spike in oil and gas prices. So what does this have to do with COVID? In short, it essentially caused an abrupt drop in demand for oil. Here’s how it all relates. What causes natural gas prices to fluctuate? Any factor which...

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5 Things You Should Know About Renewable Natural Gas

on Jan 7, 2021

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is a viable alternative that is becoming more prevalent across the US and the world. Here are some important points that everyone should understand about how this form of clean energy is produced and used. What is renewable natural gas? Renewable natural gas (RNG), or biomethane, is a specific form of biogas (gas derived from natural...

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