Outdoor Living Areas are More Appealing with Fire Features

In the desert southwest the beautiful outdoor time of year is just beginning.  As the temperatures rise – but before they go too high – businesses and homeowners move to take advantage of this region’s early spring.  In Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding areas most people want to be outdoors as much as possible and will naturally gravitate towards outdoor living spaces.  These areas are particularly appealing with a fire feature that invites people to linger and enjoy the outdoor ambiance.

Natural gas fire places, fire pits, fire woks, fire features and beautiful fire glass can be found in the public common areas of businesses such as pedestrian malls and sporting venues.  Savvy business owners know that the natural appeal of a glowing, comfortable space will encourage visitors to enjoy themselves for a longer stay.  By creating these areas for congregation and making amenities available, such as food, beverages and restrooms, businesses generate revenue even in a struggling economy.  The areas themselves become destinations seen as affordable entertainment even when guests are not specifically shopping or attending an event.

The same principle applies to home installations of fire features.  Homeowners that may be scaling back on more extravagant entertainment can still create memorable activities with family and friends in a beautifully appointed outdoor living space.  By adding comfortable seating around a natural gas fire place or gas fire pit, they create a welcoming spot to gather, linger, and enjoy each other’s company.  In yards where landscaping is already a focal point, astonishing fire glass can be added to enhance an existing fireplace or fire pit.

Creating these scenic outdoor spaces is easily accomplished with an experienced gas piping company.  For areas without natural gas supply lines, propane storage tanks can be installed to satisfy the needs of a gas fireplace or fire pit.  With a licensed and bonded gas pipe contractor, the installation will be safe, compliant with state and local ordinances, and seamless with your existing business or landscape.  Reputable Arizona gas line companies will provide an estimate of project costs and timeframes, and can help guide you towards designs that will flatter the surrounding areas and enhance the space.