Barbeque Season is Here and Safety Should Come First

As the weather warms up across the Phoenix, Arizona area, many families will enjoy their yards with cookouts on the barbeque grill. And area businesses sometimes offer a promotional cookout event for customers. Before you fire up that outdoor appliance for the season, consider the safety tips listed below. A few moments of planning can make all the difference for the well being of your family, your home, or your place of business.

    1. Check the integrity of the gas line.

I If you have a propane tank directly attached to the gas appliance, it is a good idea to check that the line is still intact after a winter without use. You should also check the supply line of a natural gas grill. Use the steps below to confirm that the line is not leaking.

    1. Leave plenty of space around the grill.

The appliance should be at least 10 feet from the nearest structure. Stay clear of tree branches and shrubs, too.

    1. Store propane grills and propane tanks in open areas.

It is dangerous and illegal to store or use propane on a balcony, terrace, or roof. Use only in a well ventilated outdoor area.

    1. Plan an emergency extinguishing method.

Never attempt to put out a grease fire with water, as this will cause the flames to flare up. Have a working fire extinguisher on hand whenever flames are to be used. If the fire involves or is near the tank, DO NOT attempt to extinguish it. Evacuate the area and call the fire department.

The connection lines from small 20 pound propane storage tanks to gas grills are the primary spot for gas leaks and fires. To check for leaks, first prepare a small amount of soapy water. With the tank valve in the full off position, rub the soapy water on all parts of the storage tank and the gas line. Turn the tank valve on and observe for several minutes. If gas is leaking, bubbles will form at the spot of the leak. It is also a good habit to check the natural gas supply line running to an outdoor grill or fire pit.

With a few simple safety precautions, this barbeque season can be focused on fun and good company. If you have questions about propane gas safety, contact a licensed gas piping contractor or the local fire department.