RP Gas Piping News Flash: Congratulations to Chris Manning!

Journeyman’s Gas Pipe Fitter

RP Gas Piping of Arizona takes great pleasure in announcing and congratulating Chris Manning. He is a certified “Journeyman’s Gas Pipe Fitter.”

A Journeyman is a person skilled in an area of work covered by PBCC, Section 119 with sufficient work experience and code knowledge to pass the Journeyman test. The Journeyman is capable of performing work covered by their Journeyman license and supervising the work of Apprentices. As a Journeyman’s Gas Pipe Fitter, Chris can design, install and maintain all gas piping systems in both residential and commercial settings.

In order for Chris to become a certified “Journeyman’s Gas Pipe Fitter” he had to meet certain state and city requirements that included on-the-job training, studying of the code book and he had to pass an exam. Once he completed all these steps, he was able to apply for his license with the City of Phoenix, thus making him an elite gas pipe fitter for RP Gas Piping.

RP Gas Piping maintains superior training programs for all of their staff in its quest for excellence in customer service and we are proud that Chris is a member of our qualified and certified team. His knowledge and experience is what helps makes RP Gas Piping’s team the best in its field.

As a recognized Natural Gas and Propane Specialist in the state of Arizona, RP Gas Piping prides itself with quality customer service, accountability and professionalism that will save both homeowners and contractors time and money. Contact RP Gas Piping today at (602)759-8340.