Gas Line Installations, Repairs and Inspections

gas leak detectionEvery year, professional gas companies find gas piping and gas appliances that have not been properly installed. Often times this discovery is found after an explosion or fire due to improper installation by unlicensed, untrained individuals like landscape contractors, general plumbers, handymen and homeowners who have completed the work themselves.

Whether you are wanting to connect a gas cooktop or a gas clothes dryer, it is important to reach out to a licensed professional for the installation. If a faulty furnace or other gas-fueled appliance does not burn natural gas properly, or is not vented properly, carbon monoxide can begin to build in the home. Carbon monoxide is dangerous when inhaled because it robs the brain and organs of the oxygen necessary to function properly and the poisoning symptoms are similar to those of the flu. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should get out of the house and call 911 immediately.

To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning leave the gas line installations to a licensed professional, install carbon monoxide detectors in key areas of your home, get a gas line inspections for your appliances, never use an oven to heat a house and never sleep in a room heated by a gas space heater that does not have proper venting.

Natural Gas Repairs

Natural gas line leaks are rare but can be extremely dangerous. That’s why a “rotten egg” odor called mercaptan is added to gas to warn of a leak. A buildup of gas in an enclosed area can make people very sick or cause an explosion. If you smell the “rotten egg” odor in your home shut off the gas valves to your home, do not turn on or off any electrical appliances including your cell phone, do not smoke and get a safe distance away from the house, then call 911 and the utility company.

While your home’s natural gas lines and appliances are safe, it is important to understand possible hazards so you can protect your home and family. Contact a RP Gas Piping specialist today for natural gas line installation, gas line repair and regular inspections.