Service Gas Fireplace before Holidays

Have Your Gas Fireplace Serviced Before the Holidays

In Phoenix, most homeowners and business owners use fireplaces for aesthetics rather than for warmth. The holiday season is the number one reason to light a fireplace so your home, or business feels cozy and appealing.

There are few details more critical to home safety than an annual fireplace service call.  As the holidays fast approach, now is the time to make sure that your gas fireplace is functioning correctly.  Whether your fireplace uses natural gas or propane, a year’s worth of inactivity could cause an undetected problem.


Holiday Natural Gas Fireplace

Get your Fireplace Serviced Early

Before your family and holiday guests arrive, schedule an annual fireplace service call with a reputable licensed gas line company.  Trained professionals will visit your home and review your propane gas fireplace or natural gas fireplace for safety and wear.  A gas line expert will ensure that your gas fireplace is not only safe, but also efficient in gas consumption and the flame is appealing and natural-looking.

Gas Fireplace Service Call

Gas Fireplace Safety Checks

During the annual fireplace service call, the gas line should be checked for leaks and wear.  The pilot flame may need to be relit, and should be checked for accuracy and safety.  And the pressure and flame in the fireplace itself should be adjusted for the most safe and efficient burn level.

A gas line professional will also ensure that the flue and exhaust systems are clear of any debris and working correctly.  This is a critical step to ensure that no carbon monoxide or other combustion by-products from the fireplace will be present in your home or business.

The safety, security, and peace of mind knowing that your fireplace has been thoroughly inspected are priceless.  You can then enjoy the gas fireplace free from worry during your holiday. Friends and family will appreciate the fireplace as well as the care you took for their safety.


Natural Gas Service Tools


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