Why You Need Gas Line Inspections Done Annually

The Importance Of Annual Gas Line Inspections

Do you know why you need gas line inspections and how often they should be done?

Natural gas is an efficient and generally safe choice for powering your home or business — the chances are that if you have gas power, you’ve already been reaping the benefits.

But getting an annual natural gas line inspection done by a professional is essential if you want to ensure that everything is working efficiently and safely.

If you have gas piping in your home or business, read on to learn more about gas line inspections.

What Do Natural Gas Line Inspections Involve?

It’s important to get your gas line inspection done by a licensed natural gas contractor. They will work through all areas where you have gas lines to check for areas where leaks are possible.

This means checking anything connected to gas lines, including cooking, heating, outdoor appliances, and more. They will review all pressure gauges, ventilation passages, safety devices, and other issues related to safety and building codes.

This can happen pre-construction as well to ensure that there are no gas line dangers. Your licensed gas contractor will coordinate all details needed with various parties, including the city or county, where necessary.

If you have any questions, your contractor should be happy to explain what they are doing and why you need gas line inspections done regularly.

Natural gas inspection services include:

  • Odor Tests
  • Proper Valve Operation
  • Above Ground Piping Inspections
  • Below Ground Piping Inspection
  • Leak Survey
  • Gas System Mapping
  • Line locating
  • Cathodic Protection Reads

Once a professional inspector works through your property, they’ll give you a report detailing their inspection.

Professional contractors have been trained in building and safety codes, so they have the qualifications to do it right. Don’t try to do it yourself — contact a professional today.

How Often Do You Need Gas Line Inspections Done?

Annual gas inspections are important to ensure the safety of your property, even if you do not suspect any gas leaks or other problems. This is done because it’s not always possible to detect a gas leak on your own.

Signs of a natural gas leak include hissing, white clouds, or a rotten egg smell. If you detect any signs of a gas leak, call your gas company right away — there should be an emergency contact number listed on their website.

All businesses, including hotels and schools, are required to have annual natural gas inspections. If you are renting a home or business powered by natural gas, get the landlord to show you the inspection certificate.

Property buyers should also understand why you need gas line inspections and obtain the necessary paperwork from previous owners.

Scheduling And Timing Of A Natural Gas Inspection

Scheduling your annual gas line inspection is important and is best done well ahead of time.

The winter season is typically busier than summer for most gas companies, so it’s recommended that you schedule your inspections in the off-season.

Schedule them ahead of time, so you don’t forget. Your gas company should be able to help you set up a time that works well for you.

Schedule your appointment at a time when you are most likely to be home. Rescheduling can be a problem, and you don’t want to leave this important safety inspection until it’s too late.

Home and business owners need not be home during the gas line inspection, which should take approximately an hour. However, if you are curious about why you need gas line inspections or any safety concerns, your natural gas contractor should be able to address any concerns you have at this time.

In addition, if they do find a problem and you’re home, it will be easier to discuss the next steps and address any safety concerns they may have.

Book A Natural Gas Line Inspection Today

Now that you understand why you need gas line inspections are so important, you should make an appointment with a trusted natural gas company… In that case, suppose

The Arizona Corporation Commission may require that your facility gets annual natural gas pipeline inspections done by a licensed contractor if you are in Arizona.

Suppose your Apartment complex, commercial business complex, or RV Park has a master meter. In that case, you will need to have an annual master meter natural gas inspection completed in addition to quarterly inspections as well for ACC compliance.

RP Gas Piping can complete your Annual Master Meter Inspection and can complete any repairs if necessary to make you ACC compliant.

You can contact us for a gas line inspection estimate or schedule your annual AZCC inspection if you are in Arizona.

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