RP Gas provides APS with Propane Power

RP Gas and APS

Arizona’s leading electric company, Arizona Public Service (APS), is utilizing Propane for a stable backup power source.  RP Gas was called to provide the installation of high capacity propane systems at 7 APS substations throughout Arizona. These substations are the electrical hubs that transform and distribute power to homes and businesses across our communities.

The project included of the installation of high capacity propane systems. The systems included above ground, high capacity propane tanks and polyethylene (PE) piping that will safely control and distribute the high-pressure propane gas. The propane tanks and attached underground network of PE pipes will supply back up generators that will supply power when necessary. If there is a problem with the main power systems, the back up generators, powered  by the propane, will kick in. This will help ensure that an interruption in electricity is quickly fixed by the secondary power systems that RP Gas has provided.
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RP Gas was selected for this project because of its commitment to quality, customer service excellence and impressive safety record. RP Gas’s reputation for completing projects on time and within budget, makes it the ideal company to partner with for these important projects. Whether it is ­­­large commercial project or backyard residential services, RP Gas has years of experience in natural gas systems and underground piping installation. RP Gas is a company dedicated to providing power through environmentally friendly, natural gas and propane solutions.

Propane is a reliable, domestically produced, clean-burning fuel. This environmentally friendly option is a nontoxic and less expensive alternative to oil and gasoline. It is insoluble in water, meaning there’s no risk to it tainting our soil or groundwater. To learn more about the benefits of propane gas, check out our blog: The Right Green Energy Choice: Propane

If you are interested in switching to natural gas or Propane as a reliable and environmentally friendly source of electricity, contact RP Gas at 602.759.8340.