Why Run Individual Gas Meters in a Multi-Unit Complex

Key Benefits of Running Individual Gas Meters in a Multi-Unit Complex

If you’re running any type of multi-unit complexes like an apartment, RV park, or business, there are plenty of benefits to converting your current master meter gas system to individual gas metering.

If you are in the Phoenix area and currently have a master meter on a multi-unit property, we can help you with inspections, maintenance, repairs and emergency services.

Reach out to us if you would like more information on converting your current master meter gas system to individual gas meters in Arizona.

Advantages of Individual Gas Meters for Buildings

Master meter systems throughout the state of Arizona are run by property owners, which indirectly makes property owners gas operators. This means that property owners must face the burden of complying with stringent state and federal regulations.

Individual gas meters allow you NOT to have the maintenance requirements, documentation requirements and the liability of an Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) governed gas system.

Other key benefits of running individual gas meters include:

  • Lower overall operating costs
  • Replacing outdated and unsafe master meter systems
  • Preventing massive outages which affect the entire property and leave residents without crucial utilities
  • Greater efficiency
  • Real-time reporting and tracking
  • Fewer documentation requirements for owners
  • Maximizing margins on rental returns
  • Fewer repairs and less maintenance
  • Less risk of leaks and related liability
  • Less disruption to tenants if the system needs maintenance or repair
  • More accurate tracking of usage for both residents and owners
  • Residents have more control over usage and cost savings

Sub-metering is almost always a wise choice, especially if your master meter is outdated and needs replacing or regular maintenance.

Certain types of properties may benefit more than others, depending on the number of tenants, the size of the dwellings, etc. If you’d like help determining if individual gas meters are the right way to go, contact us to get help understanding your options.

Natural gas has many benefits, and newer systems are always more efficient. Energy costs can be more easily managed with submetering, and this benefits everyone involved in the operation of a multi-unit complex, as well as individual residents or businesses. This can be a big step towards sustainability and may even be a part of a LEED strategy.

Individual Gas Meters can Help Owners and Residents Save Money

Where master gas meters may present certain challenges to owners, particularly where they must comply with government regulations, installing a new gas system with individual gas meters can save time, headaches and money in the longer term.

Arizona property owners will see significant cost savings by eliminating the ACC from governing your gas pipeline system and removing maintenance and documentation requirements.

Individual gas meters offer the possibility of more efficient building management since operating costs will be lowered, and annual inspections will not be necessary. In addition, with newer, more efficient systems and less reliance on the ACC, you’ll boost your property’s resale value.

There’s also less downtime and disruption when the master gas meter fails and needs repairing, as well as less possibility of major liability issues if the master meter is subjected to damage that could result in leaks.

Property residents will be happy to have more control over their own heating and power needs while also saving on costs at their own will. The most crucial point here is that they will feel secure knowing that they are not subsidizing their neighbor’s energy costs.

Drawbacks of Individual Gas Meters

One significant drawback of moving to individual gas meters is that there will be construction and subsequent disruption in utility services. Scheduling this process appropriately is important. We suggest scheduling out the changeover in summer when heating is less likely to be in use, so shutdowns will not be so disruptive.

Another possible con is that there is a learning curve associated with data collection and analysis of each individual gas meter—it may appear to be more work for management and/or tenants at the outset. However, modern systems are automated and easy to use.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Consider the number of tenants involved
  • Forecast a budget for the maintenance of submeters
  • Have a professional gas company help you analyze the new system to consider all options before getting it installed
  • Consider spot metering in addition to a submeter

We can help you convert a master meter to individual metering on your property in Arizona and eliminate dependence on the ACC.

Contact an Arizona Master Gas Meter Contractor

RP Gas is an Arizona statewide natural gas pipeline contractor with a crew of professional staff, highly qualified and trained certified Natural Gas Technicians at your service. Reliability, Safety and ACC pipeline compliance is a specialty of RP Gas Piping on all your master gas meter commercial sites in Arizona.

We believe it should be done right the first time and help both home and business owners ensure that they get the most efficient energy to their property.

Our certified natural gas technicians and qualified construction crews will design your new gas system with individual gas meters quickly and efficiently. Give us a call, and we’ll help you to understand the process of installing individual gas meters.

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