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What to Do if You Have a Propane Tank Leak

If you think you have a propane tank leak, it is critical to quickly take the proper steps to prevent damage, injury, or even death.

When a propane tank leak occurs, even the slightest ignition can cause an explosion. If exposed to propane in high concentrations, it can be difficult or impossible to breathe.

If you believe you have a propane leak, leave the area and call a propane supplier immediately.

Fortunately, there are many ways to tell that you have a propane tank leak before it’s too late. When propane begins to leak, the tank emits a rotten smell, which should alert you right away that there is a leak. 

If you suspect a propane tank leak in your business or home, follow these steps to ensure your, your family’s, and anyone else’s safety.


What to Do if You Have a Propane Tank Leak


Follow the below steps if you suspect you have a propane tank leak.


1. Check the Tank 

If you suspect that your propane tank is leaking, the first thing that you should do is check the tank. While most people can detect a tank leak if there is a foul odor, some people who are elderly or cannot smell may need other ways to check it. 

To check the propane tank, apply water with soap to the tank’s cylinder valve and outlet connection. When you open the cylinder valve and notice bubbles forming, it means there is a leak.

2. Eliminate Any Risks 

When there is a gas leak, there is the possibility of a fire or explosion starting. Do not turn on any household appliances – including your lights and phone. One tiny spark can cause an entire explosion.

3. Turn Off the Propane Valve

Turn the propane valve as soon as you suspect a leak – this will prevent more propane from leaking into the building.

4. Immediately Evacuate

If you are in your home, open as many windows as fast as possible before evacuating. Do not pack any belongings. 

Inhaling propane gas can make it difficult to breathe, so you must leave the area immediately after realizing there is a leak.

As soon as you are safe to do so, call 911 and a natural gas company. Do not return to the home until emergency services have stopped the leak and have told you that it is safe to enter again.

Remember: inhaling propane gas can cause death – so do not enter your home again until you are told it is safe.

5. Inspection

Never try to repair a propane tank leak yourself. After a propane tank leak, it is vital to have an inspection. Do not use any of your household appliances before you schedule an inspection.

The inspector will ensure that the leak has stopped and will prevent the leak from happening again.

It is always vital to schedule routine propane tank inspections to ensure that you are safe. The professionals at RP Gas Piping can inspect your propane tanks to ensure there is no risk or possibility of a leak.


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