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Chefs Prefer Cooking with Natural Gas

Natural gas cooking appliances, ranges and ovens, are preferred by professional chefs for their even heat, infinitely variable temperature control, and instant on/off capability. Today’s savvy home cooks in Phoenix, Arizona are looking to achieve those same results, and a natural gas range makes cooking at home similar to a professional experience. Natural gas appliances available for home cooking are efficient, versatile, and reliable. Natural gas ranges offer self-ignition from an electric spark rather than a continuously burning pilot...

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DIY Gas Line Installation in Arizona? Consider These Recommendations

Do-It-Yourselfers love the challenges of home projects. There is satisfaction in completing needed upgrades and repairs in your own home. However, few of these projects are as genuinely fraught with danger as installing gas lines, repairing gas pipelines, or installing gas appliances for the first time. Thorough understanding and preparation are important. For the safest possible outcome, contact a licensed and qualified gas piping contractor. Check with the local contractor licensing board to ensure that the gas pipe company is in good...

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The Importance of Natural Gas to Our Future

Along with many other Americans, many Arizona residents and people in the Phoenix area are becoming aware of the benefits of natural gas for the first time. Among other indicators, they might see natural gas pumps installed at their local gas station. Natural gas is an important part of the energy future of the United States – in both the short term and long term. A wide range of great things are possible when the facts about natural gas are truly considered. In the short term, natural gas provides improvement for the environment, fuel...

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Converting from Electricity to Natural Gas

In Phoenix, all of Arizona, and communities throughout the nation, electricity was the standard fuel source when many homes and businesses were built. But knowledge and research have changed over time, and now natural gas, propane gas, and solar panels have become the recognized energy efficient fuel sources for homes or businesses under construction. In almost any setting, natural gas furnaces, water heaters, range tops and fireplaces can be installed or upgraded at any time after initial construction. The decision to convert from...

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The Location and Installation of Generators

Once you have chosen a manufacturer and model of generator, you will next need to consider the location of the installation as well as the skills needed for installation.  Since natural gas and propane gas are excellent fuel sources for generators, you will need to plan for access to the fuel as well. Location of a Standby Generator Standby generators are roughly the size and shape of a central air conditioning system, and are often installed near the a/c unit outside of the home.  However, state and local codes do apply and the unit must not...

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The Best Wattage and Fuel Supplies for Home Generators

There are many different types of backup generators and standby generators to choose from – both different brands and different sizes.  Choosing the right generator in Phoenix and all parts of Arizona means evaluating your specific needs for emergency power.  You will need to clearly understand your needs for wattage while also considering the best available fuel supply. Wattage Needs for Generators Determining wattage for the generator means adding up the watts needed to supply each piece of equipment you plan to run.  Most appliances will...

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The Features of Generators

Backup generators and standby generators vary in features by model and manufacturer.  Determining what features are right for your home or business will help you make a smart buying decision.  Since generators can cost from $2500 to more than $10,000 (product + installation), it is important to know what you need before you shop. First, consider your needs.  Do you have a small home or business (less than 2400 square feet) or a larger space?  Will you need to power medical equipment or appliances without interruption?  Will you need to power...

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Bradley Fry of R P Gas Piping Named Top Young Business Owner

The Arizona Republic’s annual list of 35 Arizona Entrepreneurs 35 and Under included Bradley A. Fry, owner of R P Gas Piping. The gas pipe company is a division of Fry’s R P Companies that also includes utility construction and excavation divisions. This year’s honor was bestowed on October 27, 2011, and is described as a, “list of the state’s top young business owners.” R P Gas Piping provides gas line solutions to all needs, from homeowner to business to commercial installations. Natural gas and propane gas, gas line installations, gas line...

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The Difference between Standby Generators and Backup Generators

In our on-going series to answer questions about generators, this article will focus on the difference between standby generators and backup generators, as well as their use and effectiveness in Arizona. Both standby generators and backup generators can be useful in a power outage and the specific needs of your home or business should be considered. Standby Generators A standby generator is designed to automatically provide electricity during a power outage. It is permanently installed at the home or place of business. The system – in standby...

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Everything You Need to Know about Standby Generators and Backup Generators

Discussions about generators can be heard more often now. Homeowners and business owners see the sensibility in the option to provide their own power when needed, free from dependence on the utility services of municipalities. At RP Gas, we have been helping Phoenix, Arizona, homeowners and business owners understand the use of standby generators and backup generators, and how to make the right decision for their needs. To help other folks in Arizona, we have put together a series of blogs that cover the most frequently asked questions about...

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