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Backup Generators are Gaining in Popularity

Recent national and world events have changed the way many Americans plan for the future.  We had been a nation of people who took for granted our electric, natural gas, and water supplies.  Now we realize that the municipalities we rely on have budget and safety struggles of their own.  We discovered that the best defense is a good offense, and we realized that adding a backup generator could help us look after our own families and businesses in those moments when nature threatens to overwhelm the utilities. In Arizona, backup generators...

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Bargain Hunting for Gas Line Installation is a Bad Idea

When a tough economic period lingers on as this one has, many consumers feel pinched beyond what they can bear.  They put off doing maintenance, repairs, and additions hoping to feel less stretched later on.  Or worse, if the repair absolutely cannot wait, they choose the lowest priced bid that they receive.  When it comes to gas line piping, gas plumbing, and gas appliances, choosing the lowest bid can lead to disaster.  Often the lowest bids come from unlicensed and unqualified contractors. Natural gas and propane gas storage, usage, and...

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The Right Green Energy Choice: Propane

“Going green” with your energy choices means looking for environmentally friendly solutions that are also affordable and dependable.  The environmental advantages of propane gas make this an especially good fuel choice that also offers cost savings.  The energy industry considers propane gas and propane storage tanks to be one of the most dependable and safe fuel supply methods available today.  And the future supply of propane gas is projected to be plentiful for generations to come. When building, remodeling, or upgrading a home or business...

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The Beauty of Fire Glass in Fire Features

There is a new level of art designed to give your natural gas fire a gorgeous modern flair. Fireglass, or fire glass, is specially formulated glass crystals for use in natural gas and propane gas fireplaces, fire pits, and fire features.

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Make Sure Your Gas Pipe Lines Are Properly Inspected and Permitted

Gas pipe line installations require current permits and inspection by municipal authorities.  This ensures that the natural gas line or propane gas line installation is properly completed and complies with all codes.  In addition to a proper initial installation for gas line plumbing, routine inspections and maintenance are crucial.  All metallic gas lines will corrode based on the natural elements such as water, exterior exposure, improper installation, coating being scraped or nicked during installation, or proper precautions not being...

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Adding a Gas Pool Heater to Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be enjoyed year round in Arizona, and this is especially true if a gas swimming pool heater is installed. Gas pool heaters can keep the water at a comfortable swimming temperature as the air gets chilly, extending the swimming season indefinitely.

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Propane Backup Generators are a Strong Choice

From Northeast snowstorms to Midwest tornados to California rolling blackouts, there are many circumstances where owning a backup generator makes a great deal of sense. In Arizona’s widely varied terrain some areas have blizzards, triple digit heat waves, or flash floods. A backup generator to maintain services for your business, home and family can save lives as well as provide comfort.

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Locating Gas Line Piping Before Construction

Upgrading, updating, or starting from square one, any time that there is construction on a property or structure that has natural gas lines or propane storage tanks, it is critically important to locate the gas lines before any work gets underway.

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Have Your Gas Fireplace Serviced Before the Holidays

There are few details more critical to home safety than an annual fireplace service call. Before your family and holiday guests arrive, schedule an annual fireplace service call with a reputable licensed propane gas plumber or gas line company.

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Natural Gas Plumbing Enhances Your Outdoors

There are so many uses of natural gas in an outdoor yard setting, and every one of them will enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space. From gas barbeques and outdoor kitchens to gas fire pits and fire features, your yard can be both beautiful and functional for entertaining.

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